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For our final art project of the year the Kindergarten Class has been focusing on digital photography. We started by learning about a famous photographer named Dorothea Lange and how she took her pictures. Two cartoon characters named Mati and Dada helped us to be introduced to this famous artist. “Art with Mati & Dada” is a cartoon format in a series of short videos that has a recreational creative approach to the Visual arts and Art expressions. The video series explores the works of different artists, from the Italian Renaissance to the French Impressionism, and many others. Click here to view the Mati & Dada video we watched on Dorothea Lange.

Over the past month the Kindergarten Class has been learning how to take their own digital photographs with our classroom set of iPads. They learned not only how to take a picture, but they also learned how to delete a picture and how to change it from color to black and white. For their final photograph they had to complete theses steps on their own and also gave their final piece a title. I am so proud of all the Kindergarteners! Their final photographs are amazing. Please enjoy the gallery of all the final photographs taken by the Kindergarten Class. 

The series is called “Kindergarten Life.”

"The School House Name Tags"
By: Alejandro

"Grey Calendar"
By: Alondra

"Amae's Picture"
By: Amae

"Froggy and the Birdie"
By: Analiz

"Floating Crayons"
By: Andrea

By: Avin

By: Brody

By: Colton

"Best Blocks Building"
By: Garrett

"Butterflies Adventure"
By: Giancarlo

By: Gracie

By: Heath

"The Round Crayons"
By: Jack

By: Logan

"Sunflower Day"
By: Luna

"The Books"
By: Marisa

"The Cars"
By: Olivia

By: Ry

"The Train Track"
By Samantha

"Play-Doh Fun"
By: Trinity

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Letter Sounds

We use Zoophonics to help us learn about our letter sounds. Check out this great video to help you and your child learn their letter sounds:

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*Please note: For Gordo Gorilla we pretend to peel a banana, which is different than in the video.