Mrs. Schager's Second Grade

2nd Grade News
MAY 2017

Welcome to
The Amazing 2nd Grade

Upcoming Dates:

J May 3rd: Minimum Day

JMay 9th: Library

J May 12th: Mother’s Day Tea at 8:45am and West Haven visit

J May 17th: Minimum Day

J May 18-19th: No School, fair days

J May 24th: Zoo field trip

J May 26th: Whatodoo,

J May 29th Memorial day: No School

J June 6th:  Swim party, library and firestation field trip

J June 8th:  AR reward party

J June 8th: Last day of school/Min. Day


ELA (English Language Arts): 
Our Essential Question: 

How we react to changes in nature?

We are learning to:

Week 1:

· Identify Key details and determine main ideas

· Build vocabulary: compare formal and informal language

· Build vocabulary: distinguish shades of meaning

· Analyze cause and effect

· Analyze how reasons support points in a text

· Compare and contrast two informational texts

Spelling Words: 

Irregular plural nouns: children, feet, fish, lives, men, people, sheep, shelves, teeth, women


Week 2

· Identify key details and determine main ideas

· Build Vocabulary: Compare formal vs informal language

· Analyze cause and effect text structure

· Identify author’s purpose

· Make connections across texts

Spelling words:

-er and –or endings, homographs:  actor, baker, dancer, doctor, farmer, inventor, sailor, teacher, visitor, writer

Week 3

· Identify key details and determine main idea

· Identify opinions and reasons

· Build vocabulary: Distinguish shades of meaning

· Analyze reasons and evidence

Spelling Words:

Comparatives, contractions: colder, coldest, faster, fastest, newer, newest, slower, slowest, taller, tallest


We are:

· Practicing math facts

· Exploring  2 and 3 dimensional shapes and their attributes

· Partitioning rectangles

· Making equal groups and practicing arrays


Practice counting money with your kiddos at home.  Count backwards  from 200, count by 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s