For Students
Blue Crew News Team was created by students for students in 2015-16. Each Monday, the Blue Crew reported Lake Elementary news for the week. The first episode was aired on Monday, October 12, 2015. The original news team consisted of eighth graders Hannah, Sidney, Anahi, and Justin. During that same year, the Blue Crew News Team transitioned to Carson and Michael,with after school support from Kaleb and Jaipal. Seasoned anchor, Justin, stayed on as Executive Producer.

In 2017-18, we transitioned the Blue Crew News Team to an elective with Mr. Goings. The Panther Network was established and the Blue Paw News was born. It is the goal of the Panther Network to air Blue Paw News every Friday. Stay tuned!

May 17 edition

April 23 edition

April 7 edition

March 10 edition

February 3 edition

January 27 edition

First edition of Blue Paw News airing on January 24, 2017